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When Jeremy Corbyn began sacking Labour frontbenchers who defied orders not to vote for a softer Brexit last night, it must have come as a shock to the youngsters and hippies who chanted his name at Glastonbury.

In just six days, Labour’s leader has gone from chino-clad hero of the peace and love brigade to intolerant sacker of pro-Europeans in his ranks.

Last night’s sacking of three London frontbenchers — who broke a three-line whip by backing Chuka Umunna’s Commons motion to stay in the European single market — was a sign of a steelier Corbyn, who is being urged to use his mandate to impose his will on the party.

“Jeremy will never be stronger than he is today,” said an old friend who is among those advising him to amend the party rulebook to ensure another Left-winger can stand when he retires.

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