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An older gal I can easily envision a scenario of mutual attraction based on realistic factors leading to a warm, loving romantic relationship. If you are an older guy or gal and are attracted to much younger members of the opposite sex tell me how your attraction works? Women in my age group that spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to look like they much younger also do nothing for my libido.Just a matter of personal preference Also, as a patter of personal opinion: the current crop of stick thin, blond twenty-somethings that populate all of our magazine covers, lingerie ads and reality shows do nothing at all for me.I have pictures, audio, dates of his abuse which I never got rid of. I travel for work on a regular basis, so he used the entire month to take my entire home and belongings while I have been gone.On June 3rd, he came to my home while taking more items, he punched my face, breaking my nose and causing a massive discharge of blood.They think that young men don’t want to settle down and really don’t know what they want.Younger men may also not be thinking about a relationship leading to marriage, whereas an older man has sown his wild oats already and will more probably be looking for a serious relationship.

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Trump can move on a 40 year old like a bitch at 65, good luck with Hillary trying to pull that one lol When I was 22 I started to see a 57 year old woman.

Also men's finances appreciate while women's looks depreciate.

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As mentioned above, as I age the range of attractive women gets larger.

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