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'It's six degrees this morning, so keep that in mind!' Josh made sure to announce the chilly temperatures before revealing what was beneath his Calvin Klein jocks as he limbered up, 'stretched' and gave himself an 'adjustment'Josh marveled at Steph's exposed chest before saying it was only 'gentleman' to be the first person to strip down fully nude."I've seen a lot," she says of watching the animated Disney musical. I think you don't know—I didn't know how much love I had in me. Every day I discover more about this spectacular human being I get to be the mother of."Holmes takes pride in being a hands-on mom. "Chocolate-chip pancakes are a hit—together with chocolate-chip cookies. That's a hit."The movie star cherishes such moments of normality with her 8-year-old daughter."My family has been so crucial to my outlook on life.Before doing so he limbered up, gave himself an 'adjustment' and pleading: 'It's six degrees this morning, so keep that in mind!'Steph laughed while repeating: 'It's warm in here, it's warm in here.'Meshel's co-host Matt Tilley described 'the random penis in the room' as 'well groomed' before Steph reacted with a strange choice of words: 'um, yeah, it's happy, um, it's groomed.'Josh quickly interrupted, looking noticeably uncomfortable, to announce: 'I'm a grower not a show-er!

In fact, we should ALL stand at attention for these pics.

She also had scoliosis, and I thought it was amazing.’ Becky ended up getting some photos taken by that photographer, which gave her the confidence to focus her final two university projects on her body and her disability.

That resulted in ‘I’m Fine’, a project for which Becky posed for self-portraits topless in a wheelchair.

Mack said that she sent him a photo of her topless in a text message right before he stormed into her house in August 2014.'I need that,' War Machine replied to her message.

Day two: Christy Mack took the stand for a second day in a row Thursday (above) to testify during War Machine's attempted murder and sexual assault trial in Las Vegas.

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