Chinese zodiac rooster dating traits

They know what they believe, what they feel, and it is incredibly difficult to persuade them differently.As such the Rooster is very secure, very solid in his beliefs, and therefore is a source of stability if he is part of any kind of sect.Their bluntness stems not from being mean but from being honest; a trait which Roosters expect from others.

Because receiving attention is important to the Chinese Rooster, they walk, talk, dress and decorate their surroundings flamboyantly so they may be sure to get noticed.

They have a dream and the courage to pursue it, even if it seems improbable.

Open-minded and confident most Roosters experience a profound level of success in life, even though people in their own circle can’t often grasp their vision.

They’re extremely organized individuals as evidenced by the fact that their homes are always neat.

Overall, Roosters are active individuals and their preference to be active helps keep them in good health. They can at times however, take on too much and when that happens, they’ll feel stressed and moody.

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The Chinese zodiac Rooster is very clear and obvious.

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