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But I have the timezone set to Los Angeles so I am not quite sure what is going on. Date/times are generally stored in the database as UTC, so if your timezone is UTC -7 hours then all your times will be out by 7 hours (between the database and your expected output).

When you load a date from the database you then have to apply the desired timezone before displaying it or doing calculations on it or whatever.

Even blocking that person is ineffective because the app still allows people who are blocked to view your profile and posts basically making it useless. I have reported multiple men over 20 years old that post inappropriate pictures and send minors (some children under 14 years old!

Michael Belkin wants to create a virtual guide to the gay community.

Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson may or may not have broken up with reality star, Khloe Kardashian.

Note that on the event's page, drupal retrieves the correct time...

I did some research and I figured it has to do with the timezone? This is probably because the Date module saves the date in UTC and alters the output on rendering (using format_date(), I think).

I will update my answer if you will post the DB type and DB Field type that is being used to store the datetime data.

is the first and ONLY LGBT social app for ages 13 "In a different league from its randier counterparts" ▶QUEERTY “Foursquare meets Facebook for the LGBT community" ▶Wall Street Journal “Discover new events, restaurants or vacation spots" ▶Huffington Post So. Highlights: √ The best list of LGBT events in existence. √ Meet new people through sports, events, places and interests instead of physical appearance. Is your partner weary of you being on gay apps in general? It’s not about dating or hookups, it’s about connecting with your community. This app was designed from the ground up to be useful for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered people, Straight Allies, and everything in between.

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The two men now work together at a San Francisco startup called, which has developed an app that CEO Belkin hopes will serve as a virtual gay best friend.

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