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The following night, Tomas returned to the ladies' villa for a dinner party and wound up getting frisky (in the yard! Slade disappeared from the series, along with Jo, after season two, but came back with a vengeance in season five when he began dating a third Housewife, Gretchen Rossi.

The couple remained together through the rest of Gretchen's run on the series, even getting engaged in season eight, her last.

It would almost be easier to list who among that season's cast didn't know this guy intimately." VIDEO: Tamra Barney tells Us about her wedding -- and that huge fight with Alexis!Gretchen Rossi may have to lawyer up somewhere else after she stiffed a law firm for hundreds of thousands of dollars ... Brown & Charbonneau, LLP -- a So Cal business and family firm -- just filed suit against the ex-'Real Housewives of Orange County' star, claiming she left 'em hanging with an invoice of about 5,000 in late 2013 ... Gretchen's camp tells us she hired B&C to work on a harassment case and plans to pay her unpaid balance once she collects in an unrelated legal matter.If you follow her tweets, you're aware of (most) of her exploits, including an appearance at Sundance (huh? And then I’ve had over 200 resumes sent to me saying they want to work for Gretchen Christine Beaute and I’ve had multiple magazines and multiple people asking me to give samples and information. The perception of the area where we live in is that everybody has money growing on trees. I should call Vicki up and say, "Come spend a day with me and let’s have a little chitty-chat about what I really do." Right now, at this given moment, the last week has just been kind of crunch time for my makeup line (Gretchen Christine Beaute) that I’m launching. Or can "Housewives" enthusiasts go to their local department store or CVS Pharmacy? I’m going to take this company through a few different phases.

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