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For a woman to survive, she needed a sharp tongue and sharper wits to hide it.

The fairer sex became master manipulators just to land a station in life where they weren't beaten for letting the spinning wheel overheat.

Modern dating involves other people telling us how to think (self-loathingly), what to do (remove body hair) and when to have sex without shame (Tuesday).“Not all fats are created equal, and margarine—more often than not—seems to give [other] fats a bad rep,” shares Dr. If you’re considering procreation, consider saying goodbye to all sodas. Because in addition to being laced with potentially cancer-causing dyes, they’re the primary source of added sugar in the American diet.Sugar negatively impacts ovulation and has also been linked to poor sperm motility.“I hate being over 40,” my friend Tony lamented over lunch, between sips of a Diet Coke. My body’s just breaking down.” “The problem isn’t with your body,” I said, holding up his soda.“It’s what you’re putting in it.” The human body is a wondrous thing at any age—but when you hit 40, our metabolism doesn’t purr quite like it used to, wrinkles and gray hair appear, and we’re at greater risk of developing chronic disease.

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We find the features stiff, the writers pigeon-holed… Not to tout JFKLAX too much, but let’s just say, we do a better job.

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