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What are the key considerations for determining my residency classification? If my parents are divorced and my father lives in Oregon, but my mother does not, can I be considered as a resident?

Does OSU participate in any reciprocity agreements with other states? If I live just across the Oregon border, but work in Oregon and pay Oregon taxes, are my dependents or I considered residents for tuitionpurposes?

Nothing in this subsection prevents a student described by this subsection from attending a school-sponsored event that is open to the public as a member of the public.(c) The board of trustees of a school district or the board's designee may require evidence that a person is eligible to attend the public schools of the district at the time the board or its designee considers an application for admission of the person.

Owned and managed a “brick & mortar” business in Texas, or 3.We also encourage parents to visit the school - with their children - prior to the first day of school.​​​​​​​Q. Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the entry date changes from October 1 to August 1.A child who is 6 years old or who turns 6 by August 1, must attend public school.If I attend an Oregon community college or other institution that classifies me as a resident, will I be considered a resident when I transferto OSU? citizen but my family lives outside the United States as ex-pats and our last home in the U. What happens when I meet the residency requirements after the start of a term?If I live in Oregon for twelve consecutive months, will I be a resident after attending as a nonresident for a year? If I am a member of a Native American tribe in Oregon, do I qualify for residency? How will OSU determine my initial residency status?

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A student or applicant is classified either as an In-State resident of Texas, or an Out-of-State resident, for tuition purposes.

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